A Brief Guide on the Introduction to Information Technology


Around the world, a majority of the people have a misconception regarding the word IT. They think that IT guys are the people who are synonymous to the people you call when you have to fix your laptop or server. While this isn’t entirely wrong, it is also particularly true and understates the vast field of the critical career.

IT education is imparted to the students who wish to pursue the field of computer or any related technology. On that note, let’s understand everything about IT, in this article.

IT education

What does IT encompass?

IT, a short form for Information Technology, basically defines the application of technology to find a solution to all broad-scale business and organizational problems. The field comprises of three primary pillars of responsibility:

  • IT governance: It is the combination of policies and the procedures to ensure the smooth running of the system, in alignment to the organizational needs.
  • IT operations: It refers to the daily work conducted by the people in the IT department, which induces fields like Technical support, network maintenance, security testing and device management
  • Hardware and Infrastructure:This field focuses on all the physical components and equipment of the IT infrastructure. It also includes setting up and maintaining the equipment that serves the computer processes like routers, servers, phone systems, desktops, laptops etc.

The importance of Information Technology

In simple terms, an organization’s work and the work culture could simply run like a tortoise without ample support from the IT department. A perfect IT department is the one that you aren’t even aware of, which means they automate and handle the processes and daily tasks so smoothly that the business and the employees will know its importance only without the existence of the department. Hence, they’re always aligned to the business goals of the company, and they remain transparent.

Information Technology

The current trend in the IT industry has got people working on the following:

  • Data overloading:It is a no-brainer that all businesses ought to process massive amounts of data at once, which require higher units of processing power with sophisticated software, hardware and analytical skills.
  • Mobile and wireless usages: The current trend in remote working conditions have increased the demand on smartphones, laptops and desktops with hotspots and the wireless roaming ability, hence enhancing the current market trend for these.
  • Cloud services: In the recent technological era, most of the businesses have shifted their reach from the “server farms” to cloud services that store massive amounts of data at once. Hence, the demand for cloud services and third-party services to maintain data has increased in recent years and is on a constant rise in the technology market.
  • Bandwidth: Bandwidth is essential for proper video hosting, video conferencing and also some of the network solutions that work on high-demand software to support them efficiently.