How does the project work?


Each school is represented by two teachers. During the introductory meeting and the three seminars , these teachers will experience practical techniques to lead students to a better knowledge of themselves, the relationships around them, their own community and involvement in community life.

Teachers in their schools create student teams (a team can be composed of students of different years or just one class). Students at each school, with the help of teachers,  analyze the situation in their community, define its needs and address external partners for cooperation (eg government agencies, commercial entities, or non-profit organizations). Together with them, they look for a solution to a selected topic. Then comes the phase of preparation and implementation of own projects , which in a concrete way contribute to improving life in the community. Cooperation between the school and partners on their own project leads to the creation of long-term and mutually beneficial relationships.

The whole cycle ends with a final meeting of teachers and representatives of student teams , which is focused on the exchange and sharing of experiences and discussion with the professional public.

Throughout the cycle, teachers have, if they want, the opportunity to participate and contribute to the creation of a new methodology of community education for Czech secondary schools. This methodology will be complemented by a documentary film, which is created throughout the project.